Note to Warren Beatty: I feel your pain



Everyone’s talking about the Oscar debacle from last night.  I admit: I slept through it.  But, when I heard it this morning, my first thought was:

“Oh, man–I know what that feels like.”

Meaning: any live show consists of many moving parts, and mistakes in preparation can make for very public embarrassment.  I’ve been there.  When I started out in magic, my eagerness to perform sometimes led me to jump into shows with some pretty careless preparation.  Completely messing up a trick in front of my entire fourth grade class left me with a less than glorious memory.  And it could have been avoided, if I’d just double checked that piece of tape.

Ninety percent of the moving parts of a magic show are invisible.  Now that I think of it, ninety percent of most shows are supposed to remain invisible.  But when one of these moving parts is missing, or moves at the wrong time and the magic fizzles–ugh.  So I swear by checklists, spare parts in my case, and what we call “outs”–bits of business performers learn to smooth over rough patches.

Julius Solaris at EventManagerBlog wrote a terrific piece about that infamous Oscar moment, and what can be learned from it.  To err is human, but preparation can make you like unto a god.  When I think of how those humble checklists have saved me over the years….

Julius’s piece can be found at: