Random Musings

World Fringe Day

10.07.2018 in Events, Random Musings

July 11, 2018 is “World Fringe Day,”  and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I’ve just come off five performances at the San Diego International Fringe Festival.  It was 11 days of wonderful performances (about 50 shows were on the schedule).  I managed to attend…

Magic and Mysteries in Iceland

10.02.2017 in Random Musings

While on vacation in Iceland, I was fascinated by the signs of “real” magic in a modern country.  Whether these were signs of real, deep belief in the the supernatural, simple expressions of cultural pride, or just signs that Icelanders love a good story, I…

Entertainment after dinner at California Magic

17.07.2016 in Random Musings

David was a member of the audience at my show last night at California Magic Dinner Theater (it was his birthday—Happy Birthday, David!). He was what I call “a great reactor”—appreciative and engaging in banter with me during my set. I guess some of his relatives felt…