Entertainment after dinner at California Magic

Random Musings


David was a member of the audience at my show last night at California Magic Dinner Theater (it was his birthday—Happy Birthday, David!). He was what I call “a great reactor”—appreciative and engaging in banter with me during my set. I guess some of his relatives felt that maybe he’d “offended” me, so I offered to post this message to David and his family:

David, you were a VERY fun audience member!  I enjoyed our time very much, and I was not in the least offended. In fact, just the opposite!

I mean it! Click to see the video we made together, after the show:

David the magician and David from the audience

I appreciate the concern that others had about whether David was “interfering” with the show. Different performers react to this differently, but I feel that the great gift of live performance is the opportunity to enjoy the company of real, live human beings. Seasoned performers can tell immediately whether an audience member’s outburst is “heckling”, or one that comes out of the excitement of the moment, from someone who’s having fun. David’s interactions with me during the show were clearly the latter.

As a professional live entertainer, I get to see and hear the audience reactions in the moment.  I get to engage in a little banter, maybe even “have a moment” after the show. Every audience and show is different, but my great hope is that my show can be a means of connection for the people in the room; connection between me and the audience (and vice versa), and a chance for the audience members to delight in a shared experience that’s made just for them. Movies and video are great, but they’re mass produced.  Live performance is personal, handcrafted in the moment, and every show is a one-of-a-kind.